*Handmade in New Hampshire since 1973*
  • Dump Truck


    Our handmade wooden toy Dump Truck comes with two experienced drivers! When the "load" needs to be dumped, the bed tips on an axle and the tail gate opens simultaneously.

    As one of the most popular trucks from our set, this handmade toy Dump Truck is sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of loads.

    If you would like a toy truck that does not have a lot of pieces, but moves with ease and has a classical look, this is the truck for you!

    All of our Doodles fit securely in the back of this truck.

    All of our products are handmade with live axles and finished with a non-toxic, Eco-friendly linseed oil.

    We use a variety of woods from all over the world in our production process. Each truck is uniquely designed and built with the same care, however they may not ship exactly as shown. 

    Weight: 1lb 9oz

    Dimensions: 6"H x 11'L x 5"W