*Handmade in New Hampshire since 1973*

Welcome to Kee Pon Truckin’!

Back in 1973 Uncle Bob combined his passion for trucks with his love of wood working and he started designing and crafting handmade wooden trucks.  Kee Pon Truckin’  was born and Uncle Bob continues to build these trucks, primarily as a hobby, attending craft fairs and selling them by word of mouth to friends and family. 

 I  too have a passion for wood working and loved the idea of bringing a quality, handmade wooden truck to families who are looking to buy a green, non-toxic, eco friendly and locally made product.  I continue to build these one of kind wooden trucks today using Uncle Bob’s original designs.  

 In an effort to reach a broader audience, we recently launched this site to help expand our reach to potential eco minded consumers. Many of these models have been in production for decades and will live on long into the future. All of our trucks are made from natural materials. We use only a non toxic glue, wooden dowels, and finish them with a non-toxic, Raw Linseed Oil (Made From Flax Seed).

Thank you for your support!

Taylor, Jim and Uncle Bob